User Has Been Deprecated

I'm assuming that if you've found this page, you probably know who I am. If you don't know who I am, you probably have no reason to be here. Go away. In any case, Hello!

I am Billy Estes. This is my website. You are a user. Unless you're a robot. Then you're a robot. If you're a robot, you should go away. Bad robot. I have decided to switch back to werc for the millionth time, since that seems to be the cool thing to do. I run a bot for an IRC server, and occassionally say less-than-incredibly-stupid things. Eventually I'll get around to having the bot put some quotes up so you can see that I am not a complete idiot. Maybe. If, for whatever reason, you've come here to find something and not just stare blankly at your computer screen, you can probably find it in the sidebar. It should be on your right, unless your viewing device has been compromised by the NSA. Then it will appear on the left. Good luck with that.

Available for [hftwdmlps]?ire.